UFC 141 Saved The Best For The Last!

On the second last day of 2017, UFC 141will serve out the biggest fight of the year that will see Brock Lesnar take on Alistair Overeem at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nev on December 30, 2017. The match has a lot of stake including the chance to fight the brand new UFC champion junior dos Santos in 2018. Catch all the real supersized action live as you stream the contest online , Jones vs Gustafsson live stream.

Having tasted ten back-to-back MMA fights, Allistair Overeem (35-11,0-0 UFC) has be on a roll off-late. Though eight of these ten victories came within a round, they were all against weaker opponents, who just couldn’t match up to the power of the Demolition Man.

An Overeem VS Lesnar contest simply means that Overeem will be pitched against a contender as strong and as fierce within the ring as himself. As Overeem gets ready to take on his supersized opponent live, a lot of expectations from his fans will certainly stream into this Octagon debut of the world champion.

Access Overeem VS Lesnar live stream options to find whether Overeem is able to withstand his gigantic yet super-athletic opponent or is he left wandering upon his shortcomings.

An attempt to highlight Lesnar’s visible negatives this season diverts our attention towards his last two fights. In case, he loses composure and doles out ordinary stand-up defense against a striker like Overeem, who’s more technically skilled on his feet than any other fighter in MMA, he’s bound to find it difficult to take it for long.

As fans of Lesnar ready themselves to watch Lesnar VS Overeem live, they will certainly, expect him to put up a show better than he did against less deadly opponents like Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez.

What we shouldn’t be forgetting in here is the fact that Lesnar is a former Wrestling star, who is unbeatable when it comes to wrestling skills. Overeem must be aware of this and we can expect him to try everything else other than try wrestling Lesnar out.

The strategy that Lesnar can be expected to adopt here is to wear his opponents down, who he knows isn’t a great success at getting back up once he missed out on his timely defense. UFC 141 Live stream options will enable us find out if Lesnar can put his wrestling skills into use to tire out Overeem and breach his so-called impenetrable and timely defense.

Lesnar should know that he has to effectively bring his standup on to use in order to consistently build takedowns and capitalize on each and every opportunity of close-quarter combat.

Apart from this, Lesnar has to save his chin and be on the move to tackle Overeem, who’s certainly going appear too quick and tactical on his feet. In short, if Lesnar allows even a single extra opportunity, we might find Overeem wrapping it up neatly by the end of the second round.