Top 5 Online Platforms that Should Aid You in Learning Creative Skills

Online classes have pervaded the internet and our world. There is hardly anything you can’t learn online — from sewing to baking to riding a bike or playing the piano. Online platforms are also peculiar to the classes they offer. Where you can learn how to sew is not the same as where you can learn how to ride bikes. Each is uniquely created to serve different targets and audiences.

In such a way, if you are looking to learn creative skills such as writing, designing, singing, and other skills that wedge between creativity and art, there are platforms to prepare and help you do that online. These platforms are tested and proven by the comments of e-learners on Here is a list of 5 online platforms we think should aid you in learning creative skills.


Developed by Evan Williams, Medium is an American publishing platform for social blogging and creativity. It is home to a diversity of stories, ideas, and concepts, all of emphasizing creativity. Medium is specifically useful in the aspect of practical writing, editing, and publishing. You not only learn how to do these by experimenting but also how to apply them. Their customer reviews have been generous.


Coursera is an online e-learning platform to learn creative skills free and online. Via the platform, you can build skills from top universities like Michigan, Yale, Stanford, and other leading institutions. Coursera offers popular creative courses that you can audit for free. But if you intend to earn a certificate, you will need to pay a small fee.


Dribble is popular among digital designers and creatives. As a design portfolio platform, Dribble allows designers to build and share their portfolio for jobs and gigs. By sharing in others’ designs and creating yours, Dribble aids you in learning creative skills. You can create your unique designs or model after others.


Pinterest is renowned as a social media platform, but beyond that, it serves as an image sharing platform. Pinterest has some great content and creative ideas that are sure to help you in learning and applying creative skills.


Skillshare, like Coursera, fosters your creative skills with accredited courses and subscription courses. You can execute projects and also get feedback on them. The feedback allows you to know your strength and weakness, and keep working on the grey areas. With video tutorials, you get accompanied until you realize your creative journey.


Possibilities abound in the new century. You can virtually take pictures on your phone and get them sold on Foap. The fun fact is that you can sell the same picture as many times as you want and get paid for them. This way, you are encouraged to pursue creative skills and improve on your photography skills.


There are a variety of platforms that keep on track towards creative skills. Whether you want to master the art of music, photography, or render captivating content with in-depth writing and editing, these platforms have everything you need. Besides learning, you can also make money from the applicability of your skills.