Tips for Choosing the Best Video Production Company

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Creating a video to promote your business can truly help in marketing, but not everyone is an extremely skilled videographer with production skills. Even if you do have the skill, creating a marketing video can also require a lot of equipment or a budget to rent this equipment. To fulfil your need to create a marketing video, you can instead hire a video production company. This company should have all the skill, experience and equipment ready to go. Here are a few tips you can follow in order to choose the best video production company to shoot your video.

Create clear objectives

When looking for a production company, you will need to present them with exactly what you are looking for. Create a project brief that you can easily send out before their interview. This way you will get a clear idea of what they are able to bring to the table regarding your business, target market and any key message you would like included.

Set a budget

Knowing what you can afford and what you are comfortable spending is a key element. You do not want to fall in love with a production company or idea that you cannot afford. Make sure to obtain quotes from video production companies ahead of time before you get your heart set on hiring. 

Remember your purpose

Although you want your video to be exciting and be well-produced, you need to remember your video has a purpose, to create business traffic. If your video is exciting but does not bring traffic to your brand, then you have simply produced a film rather than a business tool. You need to be sure that whomever you hire can create a video based on your business objectives.

Have a detailed conversation

When hiring, you should have a full conversation with whoever you plan to hire. This should be done face to face if possible. You should be able to fully explain your expectations and they should be able to lay out their plan.

Ask questions

Asking questions during the hiring process goes along with having a detailed conversation. Here are a few sample questions to ask during your meeting:

  • What services do you offer in house, and what do you outsource?
  • What is included in the base price? (Scriptwriting, voice-overs, etc.)
  • How will the project be managed? 
  • Will you provide edits if needed?
  • What suggestions would you make based on the ideas we have laid out?

These questions can truly get you an idea of what to expect, and if the company you are interviewing can perform the job you are asking for.

Clarify your timeline

You do not want to get started in working with a production company without them knowing when you expect it to be finished. Additionally, make sure you give yourself enough time in between a planned launch and expected completion of your production product. 

If you are looking to hire a production company for your next video, contact Noble Bison Productions, a Denver video production company, for a consultation today.