Three Trending Tips To Modernise Your Home

Does your home need a bit of a ‘face-lift’? Well, we have three great tips on where to start.

1. Clear Out That Clutter

It sounds obvious on face-value, right? Clutter can really spoil the ambience of your space. But we’re not just talking about moving the kids’ toys to the next room or packing your magazine collection back into that handy old plastic box in the corner. Be space-smart; think storage furnishings. Many household furnishings can offer excellent (and sometimes even hidden) storage solutions. From stylish, minimal box-shelving in the playroom to vintage coffee tables with deep drawers. The old favourite, of course, is the divan bed with its practical storage space for all sorts of clutter: books, bed lamps, bed-spreads, you name it. Adding furniture to your home for a practical solution to clutter doesn’t mean you have to neglect style either. Depending on the look you are going for, there are many options to choose from. It’s also surprising how much space you will find you have simply by introducing storage furniture into the home.

2. Magnolia Is Not The Only Colour

Staying neutral when it comes to décor themes is always a popular choice. It’s safe, and nine times out of ten, it works. After all, magnolia goes with pretty much anything. But therein lies the problem. Magnolia doesn’t really say anything about your space, nor does it offer any opportunity to give a room real character. We’re not saying that you need to plaster your walls in zebra-print, but a little colour can go a long way. If you’re a little worried about how to use colour in the home, why not start with your stairway. Quite often, we neglect our stairway and landing, as they are just a practical route from A to B. However, you’d be surprised at how welcoming and modern this space can become with a little consideration towards colour. And it can offer an ideal ‘tester’ space to play with colours and themes when you’re still a little wary of them. If you have neutral carpeting, the opportunity for a splash of colour is already there. You could try introducing a pastel blue to the walls, hanging some complimenting art, or even go for an understated wallpaper design to really give some charm to the space. Do some research, shop around and look at some existing styles and tips already out there that have caught your eye. Then bite the bullet and move away from magnolia.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Your Comfort

Sure, you want your space to look modern and stylish but not in place of your comfort. You live there, after all, so comfort should be at the top of the list when giving your home a fresh new look. Plus, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make sure your home is welcoming and comfy for you and your guests. If you’re not in the market for a new three-piece, think outside the box. Consider beanbags, rugs, and perhaps a cuddle chair. Your soft furnishings don’t have to come as a set. If you do your homework, you can find cheaper statement pieces that will go together to create a unique, modern and cosy look to your home.

With all of that said, enjoy the process. It can be slightly stressful when you’re looking to create a great look for your interior and you’re unsure where to start. But with the right tips and with a little thirst for being creative, you can make your home look like new.