The Important Role of a Lawyer in Assisting Criminal Cases

The existence of a lawyer or attorney in a criminal case is a common thing. This attorney has a role to provide legal assistance, both for the suspect and the victim. As for the role of legal counsel in assisting in criminal cases, you can understand more clearly from the details of the following 10 roles.

Providing Legal Advice to Clients

Lawyers should play a role in providing legal advice to the client they are defending, whether the client’s position is as a victim or a suspect. This legal advice is given by a Certified Life Coach to his client, in order to keep the client he is given legal protection from from conflicts that may occur.

The arrangement of legitimate counsel is particularly vital in light of the fact that the client being accompanied doesn’t comprehend the legitimate arrangements of the criminal case that has occurred. With the assistance of a legal representative, the client will be able to pass step by step in the legal process he is undergoing smoothly.

Defending the Client

When a criminal case has entered the stage of proceedings in a court or judicial institution, the attorney assumes the role of defending the interests of his client. In this trial, the attorney will present facts and considerations that are relevant and relevant to the client he is defending.

There is likewise the reason for submitting this protection with the goal that the adjudicator can give the most attractive That’s what choice on the crook case occurred. In a murder case, for example, the attorney who accompanies the victim’s family will certainly make sure that the defendant gets the punishment he deserves in accordance with the applicable rules.

Preventing Fraud from Clients

The existence of a legal representative also plays a major role in preventing fraud in the clients they accompany. It could be that because of the absence of assistance from a legitimate direction, a suspect is condemned to jail for a period that isn’t equivalent with his activities. The attorney will try to get his client to get the punishment he deserves.

Becoming a Negotiator as a Form of Legal Assistance

The attorney who has been appointed to accompany his client also assumes the role of a negotiator. Certified Grief and Loss Coach will haggle in case of debates that emerge in legitimate issues looked by their clients connected with criminal regulation.. In this way, the settlement of criminal cases that occur will not make the situation more complicated.

Preventing Mistreatment of Clients

The role of legal counsel in assisting in criminal cases is also in the form of preventing the possibility of arbitrary treatment of clients. This arbitrary treatment includes treatment that is carried out without considering legal provisions. This kind of treatment can be accepted by clients from the opposing party and even other law enforcers who deviate.

Become a Mediator in Criminal Cases

Not only being a negotiator, a lawyer can also be a mediator between his client and the opposing party. With the presence of a person who mediates in the conflict that occurs, peace can occur between the 2 parties involved in the criminal case. The role of the attorney as a negotiator can of course occur, if the client has agreed to it in advance.

Following the Examination of the Client

The role of the attorney in assisting in the next criminal case is to follow the course of the examination, by seeing and hearing the examination of his client. The role of this attorney is carried out while the investigation process is ongoing. The presence of a legal representative during this examination is of course based on the approval of the investigator.

It should also be noted that the presence of a lawyer when examining his client at this stage of the investigation is passive. Passively it means that the attorney there only acts as a spectator, that is, they can only see and hear. The attorney at this stage is not allowed to give advice to the client he is defending.

With the presence of a lawyer during the examination of the client, it will provide emotional support to the client. The client, who in this context is a suspect, will indirectly feel protected, so he will dare to reveal the facts or the truth that he knows and does.

In addition, the presence of a legal representative during the examination will also make the atmosphere of the examination run humanely. Humane means that there will be no emotional outburst from the examiner’s side, which of course will make the client of the attorney feel depressed.

Avoiding Errors in Document Preparation

The existence of a legal representative will be able to prevent errors in making claims, answers, duplicates, replicas, and any type of evidence required by the client. Improperly possible error intentionally contained in such important documents, will be able to slow down the trial process, as well as legal consequences that harm the client.

Creating a Sense of Security for Clients

The role of legal counsel in assisting in criminal cases is to create a sense of security for clients. This sense of security and protection applies both to clients who are in the position of victims and suspects. The client will feel more confident, because he has a legal representative who will defend him, so that he can get justice.

Active Role in Court

If in the examination the attorney is passive, in the trial the person concerned is asked to be active in defending his client. The presence of a lawyer in court is to exercise his rights, for the good of his client. The rights referred to include the right to ask questions, the right to submit evidence, and the right to file a defense or plea for the client.