Moco museum, the best Amsterdam modern art museum

Ever heard of a little place called Moco museum? No? Well, you sure are in for a fun ride then! Moco museum is a modern and contemporary art museum located in the heart of Amsterdam in a beautiful, old townhouse. It features a very diverse collection of artists from different eras and with different, unique styles. It really shows how broad the concept of modern and contemporary art really is. It’s not just Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko, it is a term that describes many different unique styles by many different artists.

Discover the world of Moco museum

To visit Moco museum is truly a unique and inspiring experience. This Amsterdam art museum is not something you’ll easily forget. Once you step into that townhouse, it will be like stepping into a completely different world, filled to the brim with the most amazing contemporary art pieces. You can fully lose yourself in the wonders that Moco museum holds, even in its garden. Yes! The Moco garden, a beautiful outdoor collection of both art and greenery. When walking through the Moco garden you will feel like Alice in Wonderland, with a new, unexpected but wonderful artwork just around every corner. It’s almost too much excitement to fit into just one visit!

Visit the gift shop to take a piece of Moco home with you

Wanna take some of that joy and wonder with you to enjoy in your daily life too? Go visit the Moco gift shop and buy yourself a Moco hoodie, tote bag, art print or even a Moco phone case! Didn’t get the chance to visit the gift shop at Moco museum? No problem! Just go to the official Moco website to visit the webshop and get your Moco merch there. Excited to start drinking your daily cup of coffee in the morning from a reusable Moco coffee cup? Take it home with you in your Moco tote bag!

Why you should visit Moco museum

Moco museum is a modern museum with a diverse collection of art made by artists from all over the world. Are you someone who absolutely loves modern art, or are you not yet convinced? Visit Moco museum and you are guaranteed to find at least one artist that you resonate with. A part of the money that Moco museum makes is donated to charities that are close to Moco’s heart. This means that your ticket to Moco museum will fund a charity that helps people in need all over the world. When will you be visiting Moco museum?