Do you know your mind can be relaxed by listening to or playing a musical instrument? Some music lovers learn musical instruments and use them as a hobby; others do it out of passion or to make it their job. For some still, playing is a source of relaxation. When you learn to play a musical instrument, it helps the brain’s attention activity, which helps to calm the mind as well. No matter how stressed, worried, or busy you are, once you pick up a musical instrument to play, it would help calm you down.

There are dozens of musical instruments, but we will focus on five (5) musical instruments that relax the mind.


The guitar is a polyphonic musical instrument that is capable of producing several sounds at the same time. The Guitar is very easy to transport and is inexpensive compared to other musical instruments. The extent of the guitar spans 4 octaves. It can produce notes from the highest register of the Bass (acoustic or electric bass). It is easy to learn to play your first notes, scales, or chords with a Guitar. Its frets allow a clear division between the notes. In fact, the user no longer needs to know exactly where these division points are, unlike the Violin or Fretless Electric Bass. The Guitar is a flexible instrument, the timbre, and the sound of which are suitable for most styles of music. The Guitar plays a central role in popular music, Rock, Latin, Funk, Jazz, etc.


The saxophone family is the largest of all instruments in the woodwind family. It is an instrument that gives a particularly rich sound. The Saxophone possesses timbre qualities very close to those of the human voice and is capable of a wide range of expressions. As a result, it occupies a good place in the history of Jazz as a solo instrument. The Saxophone improves hearing ability; it also promotes the development of breathing capacities. It also helps in identifying logical patterns, which is useful in math and science.


The Keyboard is a versatile instrument that requires very little maintenance. It can recreate a wide range of instruments and synthesizer sounds. Indeed, many keyboards integrate hundreds of sounds from which the user can choose. Also, this instrument has weighted keys, in other words, they are light. As with learning other musical instruments, learning to play the Keyboard has the same benefits as learning the Piano. In addition to developing memory and the ability to concentrate, the Keyboard improves fine motor skills.


Learning the Violin stimulates memory and mental capacities. Many studies show that playing the violin has a positive effect on the brain’s ability to memorize. This instrument can also improve the faculty of reading, language processing, speech, and attention. Children and adolescents who play the violin have greater verbal and visual skills than those who play other musical instruments. Also, violinists have sometimes more widespread cognitive reactions than average. For children with behavioral problems, playing the violin has a calming effect, which helps prevent episodes of seizure. After long-term training, musicians have an increased ability to respond to touch, auditory and visual stimuli. Therefore, the practice of the Violin is an excellent antidote to a sedentary existence spent leaning on laptops and tablets. Did you know that playing the Violin releases hormones that make you happier? Research says this is a great way to relieve stress. Violinists may experience lower levels of depression and anxiety. The music produced by the Violin can also help release difficult feelings constructively and benignly.


The cello is a member of the violin family, it is a bow stringed orchestra instrument that is versatile and has a rich tone. Playing the cello increases teamwork, improves leadership skills, whilst also improving concentration and focus. The cello is rumored to be the musical instrument that sounds closest to the human voice.

As Johann Sebastian Bach said, “It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself”.

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