Kinds of Art

Fine art is a work of art that is appreciated through vision, conveyed visually, and can be touched by hand. There are various kinds of art based on form, mass, and function. Not only that, but art also has a high price, especially in America. If you have artwork, you can make your jobs more valuable at Valia Garzon Art Services. They can make catalogue your art more valuable with art appraisal, documentation, inventory, authenticity certification, and research.

This time, we will discuss various kinds of art based on function. To find out more clearly, we have summarized the various types of art based on their functions from various sources.

Here’s the full review.

Pure art is a branch of art created to add value to beauty. Pure art is usually used to express the ideas of the creator.

Types of Pure Fine Arts

1. Painting

2. Graphic Arts

3. Sculpture

4. Art Photography

5. The Art of Installation

6. Performance Art

7. Film / Video art

Examples of Fine Arts


The first example of fine art is painting. Painting is a work of art created by painting paint on a canvas medium.


Calligraphy is an example of fine art. Calligraphy is used to decorate mosques, prayer rooms, or home wall displays.

The Art of Photography

The art of photography is now increasingly in demand by young people. The beautiful art of photography usually results from using a camera to photograph objects.

Graphic Arts

Apart from being an example of fine art, graphic art is also applied art.

The point is, if graphic art is made for decoration, then it is a work of fine art.

However, if graphic art is made for illustration, it is called applied art.


Relief is a carving that has a story. Usually, reliefs founded in historical places such as museums to temples.


The sculpture is also an example of fine art. The sculpture is a three-dimensional work of art. Generally, sculptures are made from materials such as stone, metal, wood to rubber.