How to Photograph Art to Sell Online

The online art business involves one important thing, which is art photography. No matter the number of hours spent in creating a beautiful work of art, whether a painting or drawing, creating an image and posting online is what will shift your business to a professional one.

With the increasing competitiveness, the quality of pictures you take is paramount. If you do not own a camera, reading tips on how to take a good product or art photographs using a phone on platforms such as Lumina blog is a great place to start.

Art photographs are becoming more popular now, and whether you are looking for grants or payment for your work of art, you must be able to show a level of professionalism that stands you apart from others. Before you begin, check art retailers online to get more inspiration and quality ideas to help your art.

However, if you are looking forward to starting out big on art photography, you may want to buy your own camera and other accessories for photography.

Here are ways in which you can photograph your art to sell online:

1.  Hang your art on the wall

Hanging on the wall gives your art a better positioning. Position your art on the wall at a level direct to the camera’s lens. The color painting of the wall should not be too bright or attractive to keep the viewer distracted from the art.

2.  Light your room

Before you take any picture in your room, provide light in addition to the natural lighting. For good art photography, color quality must be retained, and that’s why lighting is very pertinent.

Lighting stands aren’t so costly; hence, you can get yourself a lighting stand to direct the light to the piece.

3.  Use a tripod

One benefit of using the tripod, apart from the fact that it makes it easier for the user, is its affordability. A tripod shouldn’t cost much for a photograph taken with a good smartphone. With this, you can set a timer to take the picture without moving the camera or the stand and without having to stress you.

4.  Edit your photos

Photo Editing is the next thing after taking the art photographs. Use photo editing software to filter, photoshop, crop, shade and give other color correcting effects. Lightroom is a good editing app that can help you achieve this.

5.  Add a small text to the photograph

Before you send the art photographs, add a text or product description to describe the art you are trying to push. Your work of art may not have full interpretation for everyone that sees it, but a short art description helps the viewer know the intention of the art.

However, the text must be as brief as possible. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords will help your product appear on search results.

Art and product photography is in vogue now, with people showcasing their art and making cool money from packaging their products. You may want to ask online art creatives how art photographs have increased the buying conversion of their art.