Discover Mark Rothko’s Work – Displayed in Amsterdam

Mark Rothko is one of the best artists of his generation and is closely related to the New York School circle of painters. Rothko is known for creating unique and vibrant forms of conceptual paintings. Rothko is also identified and portrayed to pay close attention to details like color, shape, balance, depth, and composition.

His classic paintings in the 1950s have been characterized by growing extents and increasing the most simplified form of art. His art is very distinct by a rare extent of sustained attention to pictorial pictures and visual features such as luminosity, broad space, and recognition of colors which attracts the Moco Museum collection.

Why is Mark Rothko’s Work So Unique?

Mark Rothko is a 20th-century American, well known for his unique color field paintings. The aim is to capture the significance of human emotions. His art was uncovered in 1923 after moving to New York City and engaging in the art students league. Most of his contemporary art has characteristics that make them stand out and get displayed at the Moco museum in Amsterdam.

  1. Rothko’s paintings are more notional and represent a particular object or people. He uses the large rectangle fields of colors to produce emotion.
  2. Large vertical canvas. Rothko’s art is painted on large canvases with a Meaningful color selection.
  3. They have colors that bring out the meaning in the art or painting. However, other pictures have an almost similar color: dark red and black. According to Rothko, this brings out the illusion of the fields into one another.

The Famous Mark Rothkos Works

Some of Mark Rothko works of art include:

  • Red black, white, yellow
  • Red, brown and black
  • The four-season commission
  • The number 14
  • Orange-red yellow rectangles
  • The chapel paintings

Most of the paintings can be found at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. You can also find them in most galleries in Amsterdam and in free museums. Moco Museum celebrates all artists of modern contemporary art, including Mark Rothko’s work art.

The Moco Museum has been supportive of many classic and modern contemporary artists. Mark Rothko is no exception because his paintings have found their home at the Moco museums worldwide, especially in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Moco Museum Amsterdam prides itself for having a collection of master arts that inspires countless generations and unites artists.


Contemporary artists have impacted our surroundings, including politics. Mark Rothko paintings have become influential and inspire the current generation to be more creative in the intuitive part of their minds.