Building a Solid Team

Competition in the world of work and business sometimes makes each employee lose solidarity. Instead of wanting to be the best, various ways are often done so that they can knock each other down. In fact, as a good team, work should be done together.

Working with a colleague is not always fun. There are times when a person’s performance increases or decreases. To deal with it, solidarity training is necessary to build a solid team. Here, you need to use the services of the Hidden Door.

They are a corporate team building that can help build a solid team and deliver you to a more pleasant working atmosphere.

What are the attitudes that must be built so that the team becomes solid?


A solid team is obtained from the trust given between one another. As long as you trust your partner, then your partner will trust you. But trust is not limited to coworkers, but also to consumers who have trusted you as the producer. The success of a team depends on how solid the team works. People use your services because they believe in the service and quality you provide. So, as the company, each employee must be able to provide the best satisfaction.


Avoid hostility or feel rivaled if someone is better than you. The meaning of failure or success in the team is shared. So, failure means everyone’s failure, and success is everyone’s success.


When joining a team, you must be able to learn. But the difficulty is, not everyone wants to accept learning from others. Self-esteem will be tested when someone learns from a younger person, both in terms of dignity and degree. Learning does not always have to be with the teacher. To be humble, you shouldn’t look at the position. To create cohesiveness in a team, this kind of self-concept should be eliminated.

Motivating each other

The team will not be able to work optimally without good communication. Motivating each other is also a form of communication. Even for someone who loves to work, there must be fatigue and laziness. By motivating each other, team solidity will always maintain.


Every team member must have the same vision and mission to achieve the best success. Every team also needs to have some commitment and decide the benchmark of success that the team will achieve. Over time, several challenges will become, whether it is hard or easy-peasy, a solid team must always be ready to face it.

Expand discussions

Don’t think of yourself as the party that is always right and decide things based on your thoughts. You have a team, and you must include their opinions in every decision you will make. A solid team will be stronger if there is mutual respect.