Better Services With Better Candelabras Now

Modern candlesticks and candelabra are used more often to decorate the interior than for its intended purpose. Let us consider in more detail what products are commercially available today.

Romantic dinner

If there is no possibility to arrange the wiring and hang a full-fledged chandelier over the dining table, the position will save the chandelier! Enough hooks in the ceiling and models on a long suspension-chain. Light candles and dine like in the old days. In the photo: model Vibert III from the factory Driade, design ClotetLluis.

The appearance of electric lighting significantly simplified our lives. If before the light in the form of candles was transferred from one room to another, now the lighting has become independent for us, more intense and diverse. At present, a person no longer considers the chandelier for several candles as lighting devices. Today, candles, candlesticks and candelabra are the items to create a mysterious or romantic atmosphere.


This product is intended for one candle. There are various models available that are designed for candles of various shapes and sizes: miniature (8–10 cm), long small diameter, flat floating, without a leg (the candle is placed directly in the candlestick’s “bowl”), spherical for a heating candle, “lights” for high.

  • Choose the candlesticks you need, focusing on the “wick” that you plan to put in it. Chandelier Today, chandeliers are also more interior decoration than candle holders. You can arrange their living room or bedroom, but also use 1 out of 10.
  • Depending on the type of candle, a candlestick is also chosen: tablets need some holders, wax – others. And gel candles and sold at all with the candlestick. The candelabrum is designed for several candles – from two to seven. Its size also depends on the number of the latter: it is usually 40–60 cm; however, the height of antique floor candelabra can reach 1.5 m.

Modern candelabra, on the contrary, may not even have legs-supports and barely rise above the table. They are like a stand for candles during a romantic dinner, no one will forbid you.  When it comes to the silver candelabras then be sure that we will be able to offer you the best support.

In addition, if 5-6 people sit at the table, then it is better to use low candelabra so that guests can freely observe each other. And if even more guests are planned at the table, it is better to limit yourself with candlesticks for one candle, according to the number of diners. Often the candles have to extinguish before they burn out (especially in the case of large decorative candles).

For this it is better to use a special metal cap. It can be both simple and beautifully designed. Types of candlesticks, The material for the manufacture of candlesticks and candelabra use different. From him, as well as the size, appearance and “age” depends on the cost of the product.

There are the following types of candlesticks:  

Crystal candlesticks are great for decorating a festive table, especially if crystal tableware is used for serving. Crystal wash in cool or warm water, and to give shine wipe with a cloth dipped in liquid ammonia.