A New Love for Vinyl Records

Recently I got into collecting vinyl records. I was born during the era when cassette tapes and CDs were popular, and saw the people went from buying music on these kinds of media to downloading songs from the Internet. My parents would talk about how they used to listen to vinyl and 8-track tapes before I was born, and I never thought that I would go to vinyl, but it has become more popular in recent years. A friend of my told me about the secret seven vinyl project and I wanted to have one of the records for myself.

The project seemed like a great idea. It gave me the chance to have a limited edition vinyl record with a unique cover specially made by a talented artist, and in return I got to support a charity for a good cause. I don’t really donate to charities that much, but if there’s a chance for me to support one while doing something that I like, then I’ll donate or even volunteer my time in some cases. I’ve done it before with some local charities that have had events in the past and have met a lot of great people.

To store all of my newly acquired vinyl records, I bought a cushioned aluminum box. The box stores the records upright and holds them in place while keeping them safe from damage. My parents keep all of their old records in a simple cardboard box that they keep in the closet. It’s a miracle that none of their records have broken or warped over the years, especially during all of the times when the temperature has gotten into the 90s and the air conditioner wasn’t working. Sometimes I’m even scared to put my vinyl records on the record player because I’m worried about scratching them.