5 Best Nightclubs in Chicago Illinois

5 Best Nightclubs in Chicago Illinois

if you are looking for a thrill night packed with dancing and drinks in the Windy City, these 5 are sure to do the trick.

Best Nightclubs in Chicago Illinois

The Mid

The Mid is placed between Chicago’s downtown and the neighboring area. The venue has 4 bar, a VIP room, and a best room for dancing. This bar is remarkable to spend a late night out because normally, it open until 4:00 AM on weekends. Their level is very personal and close, which is remarkable for people who go there to view their favorite DJs. Even though this place sounds like a mad night in the city, it is also remarkable for fans of indie bands and live music on little nights.


With 2 levels, nine full-service bars, and a 4,000 square foot dance floor, this amazing bar is a promised best time. Sound-bar is a remarkable option for any person enjoys resident DJs, EMD and booming bass. This place is awesome for having Chicago strippers entertainment to come out to your special event. The club also has floor to ceiling video project walls and laser lights. Sound-bar is a best location for a fun night out with a best friends, but they also provide you a chance to rent out any level for a big private party. Table reservations are also accessible.


Spybar is literally placed underground. As a best mix between intimate lounge and club, it is a remarkable location to view famous DJs when they come through for a visit. Matched to a lot of other dance clubs, Spybar has a lot of room to dance on top of their amazing service.

Beauty bar

If you love drinking martinis, getting manicures, and throwing dance parties, this place is set to be your best location. This late-sixties shop changed combo salon-dance has undergone quite the transformation, and it presents. Prior to midnight, you can obtain your nails painted before enjoying tremendous DJs or theme parties for the rest of the night. With 60s inspired disco ball and decoration on the dance floor, what more could you ask for?

Primary nightclub

This primary nightclub has a big LED wall behind the DJs to go along with shocking VOID sound system. Sundays and Saturday are a remarkable mixture of house music and EDM, but during the week, this night club hosts a bigger range of music genres. This is a wonderful location to take a large group of people who do not want to waste time waiting in lines.